Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guess Animal for Android

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• Guess Animal is educational games for all ages. The game is fun
• It is so simple and easy to play for kids and families.
• This game is for both boys or girls. It's an excellent game to play in order to expand your knowledge about all kind of animal species.
• Guess Animal game is an amusing game for kids to learn animals with fun.
• Playing is pretty simple: The user steps through a series of questions, clicking a button to proceed to the next question.
• A level of 10 pictures, you see a picture and you're shown four possible options, the user have to guess and choose an animal name for each question.
Language support:
• English
• French - Français
• Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
• Korean - 한국어
• Portuguese - Português
• Japanese - 日本語
• Italian - Italiano
• Chinese - 中文
• Arabic - العربية
• Hindi - हिन्दी
• Russian - Русский
• Spanish - Español
• German - Deutsch
• Malay/Indonesian - Bahasa Melayu
• Turkish - Türkçe
Game features:
• More than 100 logos of animals.
• Reveal the full logo once it's guessed
• Ask your friends on facebook, twitter, ... to help you complete the quiz
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